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Okoker´s Internet Accelerator is a very useful tool that can improve your Internet speed connection; this trial will only increase half of the speedup and will be functional for only 15 days. It works with any Internet browser and it works in a transparent way, so you won´t even notice it.
In order to configure it, first you have to choose the network type you are working with, among the network types it supports you will find, modem, ISDN, LAN, ADSL, HDSL, VDSL, PPPoE and Cable modem.
It also has a specialty configuration block, where you will be able to enable the following features: PMTUBH Detection, PMTU Discovery, TCP 1321 Opts and Sack optimization.
In the top menu you can easily access the registration form, contact form, help section and the version and copyright information.
The registered users get free email support.
If you want to save time when downloading big files, you can use Okoker Internet Accelerator. It will be download any number of files as you want in less time.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Doesn´t affects your PC´s performance
  • Increases the speed connection for 6 different network types


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